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Here are some guidelines for choosing show clothing. If you are new to showing, don't let the cost scare you! You can acquire pieces throughout the year to spread out the cost. Specialty stores such as Chagrin Saddlery also sell consignment apparel, on which you can get a great discount. You can also borrow certain pieces from teammates until you invest in your own.



Any of these stores will be able to help fit you for show clothes:

Chagrin Saddlery (Chagrin Falls)

Big Dee's (Streetsboro)

Clippity Clop (Brecksville)

Equus Now (Columbus - Polaris)

Rod's Western Palace (Columbus, smaller selection)

Dover Saddlery (Cincinnati)


We recommend you don't order a helmet, coat, shirt, breeches, or boots online unless you are fitted in a store first.


Image: Dover Saddlery


Your show coat should be navy, well fitted, and preferably have three buttons. If you already have a black jacket, that should be fine.


"The most important aspect of your show outfit is your coat. A well-fitting coat can help hide flaws and enhance your appearance in the saddle. It can do more to give you a polished look than any other aspect of your show ensemble. (After that, clean and shiny boots are imperative.)" –Dover Saddlery


Prices can range from $80 to $250, depending on brand and material.



Show shirts should be white and preferably have a snap collar. Shirts come in different materials, and some have patterns on the inner collar and cuffs. It's your preference! Make sure you have enough room in the shoulders and bust to move and ride comfortably.


Most good quality shirts are around $50.





We recommend having a pair of beige breeches to keep for showing. Euroseats are popular right now, as are wide belt loops and side zippers.


Breeches can get expensive (top-of-the-line Tailored Sportsmans can retail for around $180), but you can get a great pair (new) for between $60-$100. Chagrin Saddlery has a broad selection of brand-name consignment breeches. For lessons, you can definitely spend less on breeches. Dover Saddlery sells some  for less than $30!



Your boots and helmet will be the most used pieces of your riding wardrobe. If you invest in a good quality pair, they will last for years. Make sure your boots fit perfectly – you will thank yourself down the road. Chagrin Saddlery has some of the best boot fitters around, so they are a great resource! You can read more about boot fit here.


You pay for quality with boots, so expect to spend between $200 and $300 at least. The stores listed at the top of this page will sometimes have boot sales – watch for them! One of our riders found a $400 pair of boots for just $175 at one of these sales.



We prefer our riders to have a Charles Owens or similarly styled helmet. If you want, you can get a helmet cover to keep your helmet clean during lessons.


The Charles Owens JR8, $150, is your best option (pictured at left).



Again, we recommend you have a separate pair of gloves for showing. Show gloves should be leather or leather-look. They are about $35.


Black tallboot socks (about $8) are preferable.


Any black leather belt will work. Make sure that your belt fills the loops on your breeches (ex. don't get a 1" belt for 2" beltloops).


Your hairnet should closely match your hair color. Hairnets are about $6 for a pack of two.

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