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Do I need a horse to join a team?

Nope! Both barns have school horses that are used for lessons. 


Do I need a car to join a team?

Nope! Most riders take group lessons, which makes carpooling pretty easy. Having a car does make it easier to get to the barn flexibly, but it's not a requirement.


What are the eligibility requirements to join a club sport?

Kent State requires that all club sport members have a cumulative GPA of 2.0+ and be full time students.


I go a regional campus. Can I still be on a team?

Yes! Regional students are eligible for the team. 

Do you offer equestrian scholarships?

Since we are recognized by the university as a club sport, we cannot provide athletic scholarships. 

Am I required to show as a member of the team?

Showing is not required.  All members will have the option to show, but it will not be required.  Only participating in one lesson a week is required.

Hunt Seat


Where do you ride?

We ride at Skypoint Farm in Newbury, Ohio, which is about 45 minutes away from campus. The address 10810 Music Street, Newbury, OH 44065.  Don't let the distance scare you - we carpool!


Who are your coaches?

Redean Sheppard is our primary coach. Redean has coached IHSA teams at Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh, as well as IEA teams at Andrews Osbourne Academy (AOA) and Maypine Farm. She has taken IEA teams to Nationals multiple years. Redean began coaching our IHSA team in Fall 2014.


What is the time commitment?

We prefer that each rider takes one lesson a week (but you can certainly go more often!). Accounting for travel time, tacking up, and an hour lesson, you can expect to spend 4-4.5 hours for a trip to the barn. Many of our riders find it helpful to leave an intentional space in their class and work schedules for a lesson.

What equipment do I need?

For lessons, you'll need breeches, tall boots or paddock boots with half chaps, and a certified riding helmet, and gloves (optional – but you'll probably want them). All tack and horse equipment is provided by the barn. Some riders also like to have their own crop, but there are several available at the farm. For shows, see our list of show apparel


How much does it cost?

• Lessons are $50 and are paid for on the day you get a lesson. In either cash, check, or cashapp!

• Team dues vary slightly each year. Dues for the 2022-2023 year are still being determined.

• IHSA Registration – only for competitive riders – $45/year

• Entry fees – $35/class given to host college, max of 2 classes each show

​• Coaching fees - $35/class given to Coach Redean

• Travel and hotel expenses for out of town shows

• Lesson and show apparel, if not already owned


What will I learn in lessons?

Beginner riders learn basics in horsemanship – how to groom, lead, tack, etc – and riding skills like steering, posting, and correct posture.  From there, riders build skills in the canter, two-point position, and core strength before beginning to jump.  Advanced riders will practice jumping course work and build on previous experience. 

Are there any options to own or lease while in school?

Skypoint Farm has options to lease, half-lease, and/or potentially take school horses to Ohio shows such as Chagrin Valley Farms, Bravehorse, Hinckley Equestrian Center, and WEC.  For more information on leasing or showing a horse from Skypoint Farm, please contact Coach Redean!

General IHSA


How do I know what division I'm in?

You will take a placement test, which will suggest the most appropriate division. You can work with the coach to determine if the division is appropriate for you.


What if I am placed into a lower division than I feel I should be?

If the coach is in agreement, she can override your placement. This is a rare situation. Many times, you are at an advantage if you are correctly placed in a lower division than you feel is appropriate. You are better off doing well in one division than struggling through a higher one. Don't be discouraged – just rack up those ribbons and point up!


How long can I be an IHSA member?

You can be a member of IHSA for a total of five years. 

I am a graduate student. I am eligible?

At this time, graduate students may only compete through IHSA in the alumni division IF they have previously competed as an undergraduate student. Graduate students who have not previously held an IHSA membership are not eligible for IHSA membership.

Graduate students not eligible for IHSA are still welcome to take lessons and attend team events. Our barns compete in rated and schooling shows throughout the year, which are open to all team members.

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