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            JOIN THE TEAM.

Never ridden before? No problem.

Are you fluent in horse? Excellent.

Somewhere in between? Most of us are, too.


No matter your skill level, we want you to make our team your team.







We currently have open membership! That means all skill levels
are welcome.

We currently don't have tryouts for the team, but we do require that all new members have an evaluation ride (basically a first lesson) with our trainer. 


We ride at Skypoint Farm in Newbury, Ohio with trainer Redean Sheppard. Skypoint is about 45 minutes north of the Kent State main campus. No car? No problem. Most of our teammates take group lessons, so carpooling is usually available. However, it's easier to be flexible if you are able to drive yourself.


Our members usually take one lesson per week, but you are more than welcome to do more than that. Group lessons are $50 for one hour. Lessons are paid the day you take them! By cash, check, or cashapp!


We show through the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA), which has divisions for very beginners through the most advanced. You can visit their website here. If you own a horse, this also means you don't have to trailer – the host school provides the horses.


We require that all team members participate in fundraisers throughout the year. More fundraising means fewer out-of-pocket expenses for everyone.


The university requires that all club sport members are full-time students at Kent State (including main campus or any Kent State radial campus!) and are academically eligible.

Find us on instagram: ksuhuntseat ( This is where you will find times for dates for interest meetings).  



For information about cost, or really anything, please email Kayla Lembo at




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